Service Personnel
Flight Lieutenant

A.E. (Chum) COLLETT NZ 405368

From Waipawa, Hawkes Bay.
Signed up with the RNZAF in 1940,
joined 489 NZ Squadron (Coastal Command).
A foundation member, doing two tours flying as Navigator...
on Blenheim IVs in 1942, then on Handley Page Hampdems in 1943.
(known fondly as "the Flying Suitcase" because of the very small crew area).

Chum Collett returned to New Zealand as an instructor.

Bristol Beaufighter
489 NZ Squadron was formed in August 1941 as a torpedo bomber squadron, orginally with Bristol Beauforts,
then Blenheim IVs in January 1942. Hampdem torpedo bombers carried out anti-sub patrols, attacks on E-boats and
surface shipping. Re-equipped with Beaufighters (Oct 1943), they carried out operations along the North German,
Dutch and French coasts. The Norwegian coast was later added to their areas of operation.
The Squadron disbanded in 1945, just after receiving the first shipment of Mosquito FB6s.