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Victims of WW11

Photo courtesy of Air Force Museum
In the 40’s when I was a boy, I recall my distraught mother lamenting of war “What a waste, a waste of young mens lives, a waste of machines, a waste of effort” but we now see things in a different perspective. Patriotism? A sense of adventure? Whatever reason inspired our youth to participate as airmen in WW11, their actions together with Army and Navy were necessary in a bid for our future not to be ruled under the horrors of Nazi Germany and Japan.
As Winston Churchill the British prime minister in war time said of the consequences of defeat
in a famous speech when England was under the grim threat of invasion “… but if we fail,..
then the whole world,.. including the United States, including all we have known and cared for,
will sink into the abyss of a new dark age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted
by the lights of perverted science…” Indeed the young mens efforts and loss of life
during this struggle were not a complete waste.
The following list of names has the Hawkes Bay district where the Roll of Honour person was born,
or if not born here, where his parents moved to Hawkes Bay, where he attended school and found
employment here before going to war. If this was the case the district is noted in brackets.
Sincere thanks to Errol Martyn for permission to use data from his books “For Your Tomorrow”
These 3 volumes give more detailed accounts of each action.
We urge anyone who has additions/discrepances/objections to the images or script to contact us
through this website to which we will speedily apply.
Written in stone near the entrance of a war cemetery... When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For their tomorrow
We gave our today

  Sqn Ldr. D.M. Allan. Of Waipukurau. NZ 2524 RNZAF. Flying Instructors School at Mangere. Killed while instructing. 12 March 1940. Age 43. Cremated in Auckland.
  Sub-Lt (A). J. M. Anderson. Of Napier. Died 14th. April. 1944.
  Flt. Sgt. K.P.C. Anderson of Hastings. NZ 429128 RNZAF 75 (NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over Germany 4 Nov. 1944. Age 28. Interred at Rheinberg. Germany.
  Sgt. L.D. Anderson of Napier NZ391321 RNZAF 75 (NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 Group. Killed over Belgium 29 September 1940 Age 20. Buried at Adegem Canadian War Cemetery
SGT. R.T. Andrew. From Hastings NZ 411289. RNZAF 3 Squadron Killed over Santa Isobel Island in Pacific 18 Dec. 1942. Age 29. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial.
SGT. W.D.F Annan of Napier and Wellington. A391377. RNZAF 75(NZ) Squadron. RAF 3 Group Killed over Netherlands 26 July 1940. Age 20. Interred at Amsterdam
Plt Off C. E. Armstrong. Of Napier. NZ 42354. Died 23rd. May 1944
  Flt. Sgt. K. L. Armstrong. Of Hastings. NZ 4215111. Died 24 April. 1944.
Fg Off D.A. Attwood. of Hastings. NZ 4211007. RNZAF. 60 OTU. RAF 9 Group Killed over the UK. 10 Sept. 1944. Age 20. Interred at Chester , Cheshire.
  Plt Off D. T. Austen of Napier. NZ 404881. Died 13 January 1942.
  Flt Lt Baber. Of Napier NZ 39857. Died 12 March 1942.
Fg Off C.R. Baker DFC. of Dannevirke. NZ 42999. RNZAF.11 OTU RAF. 92 Group. Killed over UK. 16 April 1945. Age22. Buried in the UK
Plt Off H.G. Ballantyne. Of Hastings. 36265. 206 Squadron RAF.16 Group. Killed over UK. 14 Aug. 1940. Age 22. Interred at Great Bircham. UK.
  Fg Off M. W. Bateman of Dannevirke. Aus. 267574. Died 28th. February 1942
  Sgt. D. S. Bates of Hastings. NZ 413220. Died 28th. February 1943
  Sgt. H. L. Beach of Hastings. NZ 402138. Died 7th. April 1941
  Plt Off M. M. Bee of Napier. NZ 417004 Died 18th. March 1943
  Plt Off S.W. S. Beedie of Dannevirke. NZ 402159 Died 6th. August 1941
  Plt. Off. R.P. Bell (Havelock Nth) NZ 402841 RNZAF 17 OTU RAF 7 group. Killed over UK. Buried at Bury. UK.
  Flt Sgt R. D. E. Betley of Hastings. NZ 421495 Died 16 June 1944
SGT. L.E.G. Bishop. Of Norsewood. NZ 415737. 207 Squadron RAF. 5Group .Lost without trace 12 June 1943. Age 21. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Sgt O. W. J. Bishop of Napier. NZ 402976. Died 26 th. August. 1941
  Flt Sgt. P. N. Black Of Napier. NZ 4213790. Died 8th. March 1945
Flt Off I. A. Blaikie. D.F.M. of Napier. NZ 405365. RNZAF. 161 Squadron RAF.3 Group Killed over France 5 August. 1944. Age 26.. Interred in France
  Flt Lt R.T.Blewett. Of Napier NZ 403118 Died 27th. December 1941
Sgt. T. L. Boland. Of Napier. NZ 41566. RNZAF 61 Squadron RAF 5 Group. Killed on active service 20 August 1942. Age 26. Interred at Bilbao. Spain
  Wt Off G. S. Bolton Of Woodville. NZ 403502. Died 3rd. July 1942
  Plt Off B. A. G. Bond Of Dannevirke NZ 402977 Died 5th.June 1943
  Wt Off W. F. Boughey Of Dannevirke. NZ 412976. Died 6th.January 1945
  Plt. Off. A.E.G. Bourgeois. (Napier) NZ 42100 RNZAF 248 Sqn. RAF 17 group. Killed 20 May 1940. Age 21 . Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
  Flt Sgt V. T. Bowie. Of Hastings. NZ 402450. Died 30th. November 1942
FLT. SGT. C.B. Bowling. of Hastings. NZ 421011. RNZAF. 90 Squadron RAF.3 Group Killed over France 13 April 1944. Age 32. Interred near Fourdrain
FLT. SGT. R. G. Boyd. Of Nuhaka. NZ 413221. RNZAF. 622 Squadron RAF.3 Killed over Germany 24th August. 1943. Age 28. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Plt.Off. G.E.F. Bradey (Dannevirke) NZ 401954 RNZAF. 75 (NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over English Channel 12 Aug. 1942. Age 25. Commemorated Runnymede Mem.
FLT. SGT. E.A.J. Bradford. of Ormondville.. NZ 415742. RNZAF. 115 Squadron RAF.3 Group. Killed over UK. 14th. Sept. 1943. Age 23. Interred at Cambridge. UK
  Sgt. D.G. Bradley. (Waipukurau) NZ 401801 RNZAF. 408 Sqn RCAF 5 group. Killed over UK. 21 Oct.1941. Age 22. Buried at Newark-upon-Trent. UK
  Fg Off R. R. Bradshaw of Whakatu NZ 4215727. Died 4th. October 1944
  Leading Airman R. I. Breingan Of Napier. NZ 3186 Died 11th. October 1942
  Flt Sgt. E. T. Brightwell Of Woodville. NZ 431155 Died 26th. October 1944
Flt Off S. Broadbent. Of Dannevirke. NZ. 417011. RNZAF. 17 Squadron RNZAF Killed over Bougainville 7 May. 1944. Age 26. Interred at Port Moresby, New Guinea
Cpl. J. Brown. Of Waipukurau NZW 431705. RNZAF. 13 Servicing Unit. RNZAF. Died of natural causes. 20th. Janurary 1944. Age 36. Buried at Suva Fiji
  LAC R. J. Brownlie Of Petane. NZ 425687. Died 9th.April 1943
SGT. R.J. Bryant. Of Hastings. NZ.435941. RNZAF 2 Squadron RNZAF. Killed in ditching South Pacific. 28 October 1944. Age 19. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial.
  Flt Sgt K. Burchard. Of Napier. NZ 415217. Died 21 May 1943
  Plt. Off. W.H. Burnham (Waipukurau)NZ 404478. RNZAF. 12 Sqn. RAF 1 Group. Killed over UK. 9 Jan. 1942 Age 21. Buried at Sunderland, County Durham. UK
  Sgt D.Callaghan Of Hastings. NZ 412313. Died 25May 1942
Fg Off R. D. J. Campbell. Of Hastings. NZ 415817. RNZAF. 1 Elementary Flying Training School. RNZAF. Killed at Taieri. 25 Aug.1943. Age 27. Buried at Havelock North
Plt Off G.P. Carr Of Hastings. NZ 416455. RNZAF. 73 OTU of 203 Group RAF. Killed at Fayid. 20 February 1945. Age 24. Interred at Fayid Egypt
  Flt Sgt R. W. Caskey Of Hastings. NZ 402981 Died 12 August 1942
  Flt Sgt R. L. Cato Of Takapau. NZ 42828 Died 31st.March 1944
Flt/Lt. A. G. Christensen. Of Hastings. NZ 413380 . RNZAF. 26 Squadron RAF 35 Wing. .Killed in Poland 29 th. March 1944. Age 21. Interred at Poznan , Poland
Sgt. I. McD. Cheyne Of Woodville. NZ. 404335. RNZAF. 52 OTU. RAF.81 Group. Killed near Great Sampford. UK. 3 Aug. 1941. Age 24. Buried at Saffron Walden. UK
Sgt.J.P. Clancey. Of Hastings. NZ 435947. RNZAF. Died at Wellington Public Hospital. 19 September 1945. Age 20. Interred at Hastings
  Fg. Off S.E. Clayton (Taradale) NZ 426214 RNZAF. 31 Sqn. RNZAF Killed over New Britain 5 June 1944. Age 30. Buried at Bourail New Caledonia.
  Plt Off D. J. Clifford Of Napier. NZ 401753. Died 18th. January 1942
  Flt. Lt. F.N. Clouston. (Napier) NZ 40990 RNZAF. 229 Sqn. RAF 12 Group. Killed 29 April 1940. Age 27. Buried at Sage, 24 km. South of Oldenburg, Germany.
Sgt. D. D. Coates. Of Napier. NZ 421318. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.3 Group. Killed over Dutch Coast 26 May 1943. Age 33. Buried at Oostende. Belgium
  Flt Lt G. R. Coates. Of Napier. 59512. Died 4th.July 1948
Sgt. H. W. Collett Of Waipawa. NZ 412468. RNZAF. 101 Squadron. RAF.1 Group. Killed over UK. 16 November 1942. Age 20. Interred at Towyn, Merionethshire. UK
W/O D. K. Cotterill. Of Hastings. NZ 404992. RNZAF. 225 Squadron RAF.325 W. Killed over Mediteranian Sea. 26 Sept. 1943. Age 21. Commemorated on the Malta Memorial
  Flt Lt G. W. Cotterill Of Hastings. 84664. Died 8th.November 1945
  Flt Sgt S. G. Cottrell Of Napier. NZ 412208 Died 21st April 1943
Flt/Sgt. J. R. Court. Of Woodville. NZ 417028. RNZAF. 90 Squadron RAF.3 Group. Killed over Germany 26 Aug. 1944. Age 22. Buried at Durnbach. Cemetery
Sgt. R. A. Covic. Of Napier. NZ 427035. RNZAF. 17 Squadron RNZAF.Killed over Rabaul South Pacific 23 December 1943. Age 19. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial
Flt/Lt. J. Cowan. DFC. Of Hastings. NZ 411861. RNZAF. 1661 Heavy Conversion Unit RAF.5 Group. Killed in UK crash. Age 30. Buried at Newark-upon-Trent
  Wt Off A. J. Cowlrick Of Hastings. NZ 39902 Died 3rd.June 1942
  Flt Lt. E.C. Cox. DFC. (Napier) NZ 401256 RNZAF 160 Sqn. RAF 242 Wing 205 Group. Killed over Crete 28 Oct. 1942. Age 28. Buried at Suda Bay
Sgt. R. H. Crabtree. Of Napier. NZ 411741 . RNZAF. 7 Squadron RAF. 3 Group. Killed over Holland. 17 Sept. 1942. Age 24. Interred at Lemmer . Holland
Flt Lt F. H. Craig. Of Waipawa. 41832 Died24th. July 1941
Sgt. T. E. Crarer. Of Wairoa. NZ 405475. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.3 Group. Killed over Europe. 1942. Age 21 . Interred at Ohlsdorf, near Hamburg
  Plt Off G. H. Cray. Of Napier. NZ 4213648 Died 17th April 1944
  Sgt T. H. Cray. Of Napier. NZ 411066 Died 29th. July 1942
  Sgt M. J. Cronin. Of Napier. NZ 404996. Died 27th.December 1941
Flt/Sgt. A. W. Crozier. Of Woodville. NZ 415519. RNZAF. 15 Squadron RAF. 3 Group. Killed over Netherlands 23 June. 1943. Age 25. Buried at Ede. Holland
Sgt. N. H. Crozier. Of Woodville. NZ 411742. RNZAF. 9 Squadron RAF.5 Group Killed over Nth. Atlantic. 24 Sept. 1942. Age 21. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Flt Off F. T. Culling-Mannix. Of Hastings. NZ 413535 RNZAF 502 Squadron RAF.. Lost without trace. 5th.February. 1944. Age 26. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Plt Off G. M. Cunningham. Of Hastings. NZ 414260. RNZAF. 2 Squadron RAF.Missing over Holland 29 Nov. 1942. Age 25. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Fg Off J. G. Dasent. Of Hastings.NZ 404342 Died 22nd. December 1943
  Fg Off L. V. Davidson Of Waipawa. NZ 412530 Died 8th. June 1944
Flt. Sgt. N. D. Davidson Of Porangahau. NZ 422057. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.Killed over Netherlands. 21 July 1944. Age 21. Commemorated on the Runnymede.
  Fg Off O. W. Davies Of Hastings. NZ 429153 Died 30th. Janurary 1945
  Plt Off W. F. Dawson Of Dannevirke. Died 12th. May. 1939
  Sgt J. L. Denholm Of Napier. NZ 417034 Died 26th. February 1943
Sgt /Pilot T.W. J. Denholm Of Napier. NZ 415687 Died 13th. April 1943
  Sgt K. T. Devery Of Wairoa. NZ 416683. Died 15th.May 1943
Fg Off D. J. Dickson Of Woodville. NZ 4216679 Died 16th. April 1945
  Fg Off N. W. Donnelly Of Napier. NZ 422269 Died 19th. July 1944
  Plt Off D. G. Doole Of Frasertown NZ 403833. Died 30th.August 1941
  Fg Off L. K. Driver Of Dannevirke. NZ 428784 Died 3rd. April 1941
  Plt Off J. J. Drummond Of Havelock North.41267. Died 9th.September 1939
Flt. Sgt. T. K. Durie. Of Napier. NZ 427967. RNZAF. 514 Squadron RAF. 3 Group Killed over Germany 21 July 1944. Age 32. Interred at Reichwald Forest. Cemetery
  Sgt D. H. Edwards. Of Dannevirke. NZ 405515 Died 31st. May 1942
  Flt Lt N. J. Edwards. Of Dannevirke. 79510 Died 4th.June 1942
  Flt Sgt B.W. Ellison Of Napier. NZ 4310166. Died 12th. September 1944
  Sgt L. J. Ellmers Of Wairoa. NZ 40760. Died 27th. August 1941
  Sgt R. T. Eria Of Wairoa. NZ 404635 Died 5th.October 1942
  Plt Off M. J. Ericksen. Of Dannevirke. NZ 416103. Died 24th. August 1943
  Sgt G. W. J. Everett. Of Hastings. NZ 411870 Died 9th. November 1942
Fg Off L. J. E. Ewing. Of Hastings. 41274. RAF 233 Squadron RAF.18 Group. Killed over the North Sea. Age 22. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Flt. Sgt. C. J. Falconer. Of Hastings.. NZ 416897. RNZAF. 53 Squadron RAF. Killed over the North Sea. 27 August 1944. Age21. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Fg Off J. A. Ferguson. Of Napier. NZ 402176 Died 17th. Feburary 1942
  Wt Off E. Field. Reg Hastings. Died May 1942
Fg Off A. D. V. Forsyth. Of Frasertown, Wairoa. NZ 403957. RNZAF. 42 OTU 70 group
RAF.Killed in UK. 1943. Buried at Ashbourne UK
  AC2 D. L. Forward Of Ormondville. NZ 414047. Died 11th.June 1942
  Plt Off C. N. Fountain Of Napier. NZ 41981 Died 23rd.April 1942
Sgt. F. J. Franklin. Of Napier. NZ 412219. RNZAF. 227 Squadron RAF.8 Group. Killed over the Mediteranian 18th. Dec. 1942. age 20. Commemorated on the Malta Memorial
Fg Off K. G. Franklin . DFC. Of Napier. NZ 402991. RNZAF. 156 Squadron RAF. Killed over Germany 22nd. April 1944. Age 21 Interred at Durnbach cemetery
  Sgt A.H.L. Fraser (Kotemaori) NZ 402242 RNZAF 14 Sqn. RAF 204 group. Killed over Egypt 15 April 1941. Age 30 . Buried Halfaya Sollum. Egypt
Sgt. M. J. Fraser. Of Dannevirke. NZ 40224. RNZAF. 218 Squadron RAF 3 Group. Lost without trace. 21 June 1941. Age 23. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Flt Sgt G. M. Frostick Of Napier NZ 403573 Died 14th.July 1942
Fg Off P. R. Galbraith . of Wairoa. NZ 402568. RNZAF. 59 Squadron RAF 16/19 Groups.Lost without trace 6th May. 1943. Age 21. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial
  Leading Airman C. A. Gallagher Of Hastings. NZD2517 Died 25th.February 1942
Sgt. E. F. Gannaway. Of Napier. NZ 402110. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF 3 Group. Killed over Europe 11th. May 1941 Age 21. Interred in UK
Fg. Off. N. A. Gardiner. Of Dannevirke. NZ 41579. RNZAF. 53 Squadron RAF 16 Group. Killed in UK 28th. July 1943 Age 28. Buried at Long Marton, Westmorland
  Flt Sgt J. E. Gilbertson Of Waipawa. NZ 41894 Died 29th.July 1942
  LAC L. W. Gillan Of Napier NZ 414274. Died 24th.February 1942
  Sgt R. Gilmore. Of Nuhaka. NZ 425394. Died 6th.May 1944
LAC V. A. Godfrey. Of Hastings. NZ 415187. RNZAF. 1 Service Flying Training School. RNZAF. Lost over sea East of Timaru Commemorated on the Provincial Memorial. Wn
  Plt Off B. Graham. Of Waipukurau 40341 Died 25th. November 1939
Plt Off J. A. Graham. Of Hastings. NZ 401207. Died 9th. April 1941
  Plt. Off. J. K. Grainger (Napier) NZ 42295. 75(NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 Group. Killed over Belgium 15 April 1943 Age 21. Buried at Regniessart.
  Fg Off I. A. C. Grant Of Woodville. NZ 391351 Died 13 th. February 1943
  Wg Cdr R. J. C. Grant. Of Woodville. NZ 391352 Died 28th. February 1944
  Plt Off C. A. Griffiths. Of Dannevirke. NZ 421703 Died 25 June 1943
Flt Lt B. A. Gumbley. D F M. Of Napier. NZ 414614 Died 21st. March 1945
  Plt Off R. A. Hadley. Of Hastings. 79511 Died 9th. October 1940
  Fg Off B. M. Hall Of Dannevirke. NZ 421705. Died 27th. December 1944
Fg Off W. C. Hall. Of Napier.NZ 4212752. RNZAF. Utility Flight (Bomber 1 Guadalcanal . Killed at Piva North.Sth Pacific 23rd. April 1945. Interred at Bourail
LAC B. E. Hall Of Napier. NZ 4213975 Died 25th. August 1943
Flt Sgt R. E. Hallett. Of Hastings. NZ 4215864 Died 3rd. February 1945
  Flt Sgt D. A. S. Hamilton Of Napier NZ 403547 Died 2nd. April 1942
  LAC G. H. W. Hamilton. Of Hastings. NZ 413063 Died19th. January 1942
  Flt Lt S. W. Hamilton Of Takapau NZ 424457 Died 13th. July 1945
  Sgt P. J. H. Hamlin Of Napier. NZ 437013 Died 17th. February 1942
  LAC A. R. Hansen Of Hastings. NZ 414618 Died 17th. February 1942
Flt. Sgt. W. J. Hansen. Of Dannevirke
Fg. Off. B. C. Harding. (Havelock Nth) NZ 416480 RNZAF 22 Sqn. RNZAF. Killed at Wairau Valley 3 Feb. 1943. Age 22. Buried Havelock Nth
  Sgt P. E. Hare Of Napier. NZ 401227. Died 16th. July 1941
  Plt Off B. L. G. Harker. Of Wairoa. 40620 Died 4th.October 1939
Plt Off C. Harris-Thompson. Of Dannevirke
  Flt Sgt J. M. Hart Of Hastings. NZ 424460. Died 19th. August 1944
  Sgt R. H. Hartstone. Of Woodville. NZ 402111 Died3rd. July 1941
Fg. Off. J. H. Heath. Of Napier. NZ 41903. RNZAF. 29 OTU. RAF. 92 Group. Killed in the UK. 29 Aug.1943. Age 24. Buried at Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
Flt. Sgt. I. R. Heays. Of Tutira, Napier. NZ 415532. RNZAF. 53 Squadron RAF. 16 Group. Died as result of action. 21 Sept 1943. Age 22. Buried at Bath Somerset. UK
Fg Off B. H. Herrick Of Hastings. 42003. Died 23rd. November 1940
Plt Off D. T. Herrick. G.M. of Hastings.. NZRAF. 53 Squadron RAF .19 Group. Died 30 June 1941 Age 28. Buried At Lorient
Sqn. Ldr. M. J. Herrick. DFC + Bar. Air Medal (US) 33566 RAF. Of Hastings. Killed over
Denmark, 16 June 1944. Age 23. Buried at Frederikshavn
  Flt. Sgt. N.K.P. Hickson. (Woodville) NZ 421278 RNZAF. 86 Sqn. RAF 15 group. Killed over the UK 24 Oct. 1943, Age 20. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Fg. Off. F. F. Hildreth . Of Hastings. NZ 416117 RNZAF. 1315 Flight RAF 300 Group. Killed on active service in Australia 19 July 1945. Age 33. Interred in Sydney
  Flt Sgt A. T. Hill Of Wairoa. NZ 4212841 Died 3rd. October 1944
Sgt F.G. Hindrup Of Dannevirke. NZ 40284 Died 21st April 1941
Plt Off H.M. Hoadley Of Hastings. NZ 39919 Died 28th. August 1940
  Fg Off G. I. Hodgson Of Hastings. NZ 421510 Died 5th.January 1945
Fg. Off. K. R. Holmes. Of Hastings. NZ 411898. RNZAF. RAF. Killed 31 May 1943. Age 26.
Buried in Fayid War Cemetery. Egypt
  Fg Off W. H. Hopkins Of Waipawa. NZ 413851 Died 28th. April 1943
  Sgt W. E. Houston Of Hastings. NZ 402473. Died 12 th. December 1941
  Sgt A. C. Howell Of Napier. NZ 392104 Died 28th. April 1943
  Flt Sgt E. H. Howell Of Wairoa NZ 402823 Died 16th. October 1942
LAC. A. J. Hull. Of Napier. A 40232. RNZAF. 1 Service Flying Training (ATS) RNZAF. Killed 22 July 1940. Age 24. Buried at Havelock North
  Plt. Off. J.E. Hull (Hastings) 36206. 307 Sqn. RAF. 6 group. Killed over UK 19 Sept. 1939. Age 24. Buried Little Rissington, Gloucestershire
Flt. Sgt. F. S. Hunt. Of Napier. NZ 411407 RNZAF. 615 Squadron 166 Wing, 224 Group. Lost without trace Burma 22nd. January 1943.. Age 20
  Sgt. P.T. Hunter. (Havelock Nth) NZ 42297 RNZAF. 75(NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 Group. Killed over North Sea 29 April. 1943. Age 29. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Sgt L. Hurst. Of Napier. NZ 428761 Died 18th. May 1943
  Flt. Off. I.C. Hutcheson (Hastings) NZ 412694. RNZAF 137 Sqn. RAF 124 wing 83 group. Killed over France 27 May 1944 Age 28. Buried at Auzebosc
  Sgt W. G. L. Inglis. Of Dannevirke NZ 411758 Died 12th. August 1942
  Plt Off H. F. Irving Of Waipawa. NZ 402132 Died 27th.May 1941
  Fg Off L. D. Irwin. Of Hastings. NZ 429176 Died 20th.June 1944
  Fg Off B. N. Jacobsen. Of Napier. NZ 425573. Died 1st.December 1944
  Sgt C. J. F. Jarvis Of Hastings. NZ 411722 Died 7th.September 1942
  Plt Off M. R. Jeffery Of Napier. NZ 404013 Died 25th September 1942
Sgt. C. L. Jenkinson. Of Hastings. NZ 40977. RNZAF. 113 Squadron 202 Group. Lost without trace Libya 20 Oct. 1941 Age 22. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial
  Sgt. F. J. L. Joblin (Morere) NZ 417063 RNZAF. 75 (NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over Holland 24 May 1943, Age 25. Buried at Beesd.
Flt. Sgt. R. A. Johnson. Of Napier. NZ 414985. RNZAF. 145 Squadron RAF. Killed on operations 6th. October. 1943.. Buried Sangro River War Cemetery
  AC1 K. Johnston Of Woodville. NZ 639160 Died 13th. November 1940
  Sgt R. R. A. Jones Of Napier. NZ 404540. Died 4th. June 1942
  Fg Off E. J. Kain Of Hastings. 39534 Died 7th. June 1940
  Flt Sgt L. H. Kainamu Of Mohaka. NZ 413087 Died 4th. September 1943
  Sgt P. R. Karena Of Te Hauke. NZ 411793 Died 3rd. Feburary 1943
  Fg Off W. L. Kauter Of Napier. NZ 405281 Died 20th. June 1942
Plt Off W. R. Kell. Of Dannevirke. NZ 411766. RNZAF. 75 (NZ) Squadron 3 Group. Killed 20 Nov . 1943 Age 23. Buried at Chievres, Belgium
  Plt Off J. R. Kemp. Of Napier. 41850 Died 19th. July 1940
  Wt Off G. G. Kendall Of Takapau. NZ 43484 Died 21st. June 1945
  Fg Off Sgt B. D. J. Kennedy. Of Waipawa. NZ 401768 Died 1st July 1941A. A. Kennedy. Of Hastings. NZ 417067 Died 12th. December 1944
  Plt Off C. J. Kinross. Of Hastings NZ 417069. Died 16th. December 1943
  Flt Sgt R. E. Knobloch Of Waipawa. NZ 403457. Died 2nd. April 1942
  Flt Lt D. L. Knobloch Of Waipawa NZ 405287 Died 27th. August 1944
  Plt Off W. O. G. Krogh Of Hastings. 2521 Died 22nd. July 1940
  Sgt. C.T. Kronk (Napier) NZ 41514 RNZAF. 67 Sqn. RAF 224 group. Killed India 28 May 1942 Age 23. Buried at Calcutta.
  Plt Off M. Lammas. Of Dannevirke. NZ 421728. Died 23rd. April 1944
Sgt/P I. J. Land. Of Havelock North. NZ 414306. RNZAF. 2 OTU RAF. 17 Group. Killed 7 th. December 1942. Age 21. Buried at Brandesburton. UK
Sgt/P. R. Laws. Of Napier. NZ 421515 Died 10th. August 1943
  Sub Lt. A.S. Lee. (Waipukurau) RNZNVR. 798 Sqn. HMS Daedalus. Killed over UK 16 April 1944. Age 22. Buried at Chester, Chesire
  Plt Off W. Lee Of Dannevirke. NZ 416123 Died 14th. November 1942
  Flt Sgt J. B. Lindup Of Napier. NZ 413436 Died 18th. June 1943
  Wt Off L. H. Lissette Of Hastings. NZ 391011 Died 4th. May 1944
  Wt Off T. D. LLoyd. Of Hastings. NZ 414547 Died 29th. January 1945
  Leading Aircraftwoman B. A. J. Logan Of Woodville. W 1749. Died 10th. June 1945
Fg. Off. J. T. Logan of Hastings. NZ 404908 RNZAF. 107 Squadron RAF 2 Group. Killed on active service 10 November 1942 Age 29. Buried at Le Havre
Fg. Off T. J. A. Long. Of Clive. NZ 413095. RNZAF 42 OTU RAF 70 Group. Killed 8th. October. 1942. Age 23. Buried at Andover. UK
  Flt Sgt R. D. Lory Of Dannevirke NZ 413439 Died 7th. August 1943
  Flt Sgt R. V. Love Of Dannevirke. NZ 392049. Died 8th. November 1943
  Plt Off G.T. Lowe Of Napier. NZ 416508 Died 17th. November 1943
  Flt Sgt B. D. Lyon Of Woodville. 740053. Died 23rd. July 1941
  R. G. MacCarthy. Of Haumoana
  Flt. Sgt. W.J. MacErlich (Hastings) NZ 405500 RNZAF. 389 Sqn RAF 18 group. Killed over North Sea 1943, Age 23. Buried at Havgesund, Norway
  Lt (A) H. A. MacKay. Of Napier. NZ Died 24th. June 1944
Flt. Sgt. E. W. E. Marshall. Of Hastings. NZ 415637. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF 3 Group.Killed over Germany. 23rd. May 1944. Age 31. Interred at Rheinberg
  Flt Sgt K. R. Marshall Of Napier. NZ 403039 Died 20th. February 1943
  Sgt A. Martin Of Taradale. NZ 405737. Died 16th. October 1942
  Flt Lt C. H. Masters. Of Ongaonga. NZ 42783. Died 8th. May 1944
Plt Off R. S. Masters. Of Hastings. NZ 40983. RNZAF.250 Squadron RAF. 258 Wing. Killed North Africa 20th Nov. 1941 Age 21. Buried in Knightsbridge War Cemetery
  Fg Off R. H. Mather. Of Clive. NZ 412251 Died 14th. June 1944
Fg. Off. A. A. Matheson . DFM. Of Napier. RNZAF. NZ 412714. 692 Squadron RAF.8Group.Lost without trace 11 July 1944.Age 29.Commemorated on the Runnymede .Mem
Flt. Sgt. I. E. Mathieson. Of Wanstead. NZ 413447. RNZAF. 130 Squadron RAF. Killed on Active service 25 Nov. 1943. Age 23. Buried at St. Illogan
Flt Sgt E. D. McCallum Of Dannevirke. NZ 425586 Died 24th. March 1944
Flt. Sgt. G. G. M. McCarthy of Waipukurau. NZ 404641. RNZAF 4 OTU RAF 17 Group. Killed on Active service 12 th. October 1943. Age 22. Buried at Rosskeen
Sgt R.G. McCarthy Of Hastings. NZ 415072 Died 16th. September 1942
Flt. Sgt. T. F. McCormack. Of Maraekakaho. NZ 429183 RNZAF . 214 Squadron RAF. 100 Group. Killed on active service. 16 November 1944. Age 24. Buried at Cambridge
  Flt Lt M. W. McCormack Of Hastings. NZ 402198 Died 5th. June 1943
  LAC F. M. McFarlane. Of Napier. A391840. Died 15th.June 1940
  Fg Off L. H. McFarlane Of Napier. 39545 Died 2nd.July 1940
  Fg. Off. S. McGowan (Hastings) NZ 414996. RNZAF 487 Sqn. RNZAF 2 Group. Killed over Holland 3 May 1943 Age 22. Buried at Amsterdam
Plt Off F. M. McKenzie. Of Dannevirke. NZ 41344 RNZAF 75(NZ) Squadron RAF 3 Group. Killed on active service 24th. June 1943. Age 26. Interred at Jonkerbos
  Wt. Off. H. Mckinnon (Hastings) NZ 411081 RNZAF 145 Sqn. RAF 244 wing 211 group. Killed 7 May 1943 Age 27. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial
  Sgt H. L. McPee Of Ongaonga Died 18th. March 1939
  LAC R. J. McQuillan Of Dannevirke. NZ 391931. Died 19th.August 1941
  Plt Off. J.D. McVay. (Hastings) NZ 404913 RNZAF. 3 Sqn. 11groupKilled over UK. 7 Dec. 1941 Age 28. Buried at Ware, Hertfordshire
FG. Off. H. W. Meldrum. Of Hastings. NZ 416520. RNZAF. 10 OTU RAF. 91 Group.Killed on active service 15 Nov. 1943. Age 28 . Interred at Botley UK
  Fg. Off . M. Metcalfe (Hastings) NZ 413876. RNZAF. 485 Sqn. RNZAF 11 group. Killed 16 Sept. 1943. Age 20. Buried at Ecorcei, France.
Sgt. T. O. Metcalfe. Of Norsewood. NZ 414386. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Squadron 3 Group. Killed over Germany 11 September 1942. Age 19. Buried at Rheinberg
Sgt. H. A. G. Miller. Of Hastings. A 39929. RNZAF. 13 OTU RAF 7 Group. Killed on active service 13 August 1940. Age 25. Buried at Caversfield . UK
  Sgt G. C. N. Miller Of Woodville. NZ 416521 Died 6th.May 1943
  Plt Off G. W. A. Mills. Of Ruaroa NZ 411769. Died 7th September 1942
  Sub-Lt (A) L. E. Mitchell Of Napier. Died 10th December 1941
  Fg Off D. B. Mollgaard Of Dannevirke. NZ 413453 Died 9th.June 1943
  Plt Off E. G. R. Morley Of Hastings. NZ 497091 Died 7th January 1943
Sgt. H. O. Mosen. Of Hastings.NZ 432368. RNZAF. 9 Squadron RNZF. Killed in the South Pacific 14 th. June 1944. Age 20. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial
  Plt Off C. D. Mulcahy Of Takapau NZ 428793 Died 12 August 1944
P/O W. M. Mulholland. Of Umutaoroa, Dannevirke. NZ 416525 RNZAF54 OTU RAF 9 Group.Lost without trace 20 th. March 1944. Age22. Commemorated on the Runnymede. M
Flt. Off. T. L. W. Mullinder. Of Hastings
  Leading Airman D. B. Murphy Of Napier NZ 5687 Died 20th. September 1943
  AC1 J. E. Murphy Of Napier NZ 401325. Died 2nd. April 1941
Sgt. Gunner. T. R. Murphy. Of Kotemaori. NZ 404037. RNZAF 75(NZ) Squadron RAF. 3 Group. Killed over Germany 11th. October 1941. Age 20. Interred at Rheinberg
  Sgt J. R. Nation Of Hastings. NZ 40945 Died 3rd.July 1941
  Plt Off M. K. Nelson. Of Hastings. NZ 404400. Died 30th. November 1941
  LAC J. W. T. Nelson Of Napier. NZ 414663. Died 23rd. January 1942
  Flt Sgt J. N. Nicol Of Napier. NZ 403625 Died 16th. July 1942
  Plt Off W. E. Nilsson Of Haveloch North. NZ 415709 Died 19th.October 1942
Cpl C. T. Nordbye. Of Norsewood
  Fg Off J. W. Norrie Of Napier. NZ 4211918. Died 18th. November 1944
Wt Off S. A. Nuttall. Of Napier. NZ 421285. RNZAF. Killed on active service 20th
December 1944. Age 29. Buried at Bourail NZ War Cemetery
  Flt Lt K. B. O’Connor Of Waipawa. NZ 415221. Died 4th. March 1944
Wt Off J. M. Oliver. Of Napier. NZ 417096. 489 Sqn. Died 2nd. April 1944
Sgt. M. J. O’Malley. Of Wairoa. NZ 413278. 101Sqn. Died 17th. December 1942
  Sgt. W. A. O’Malley. (Hastings) NZ 413308 OTU RAF 91 Group. Killed over Germany 11 Sept. 1942 Age 21. Buried at Reichswald Forest.
  Sgt. S.C. Orme. (Woodville) NZ 403558 RNZAF 83 Sqn. RAF. Killed over Italy 1942. Age 24. Buried at Genoa
  Sgt F. W. O’Sullivan. Of Napier. NZ 411773. Died 15th. October 1942
  Fg Off J. A. Olsen Of Napier. NZ 41184. Died 20th. August 1944
  Fg Off T. G. Page Of Napier NZ 422999. Died 19th. July 1944
  Flt Sgt A. I. Paget. Of Waipukurau. NZ 402211 Died 18th September 1941
Fg Off W.G. Palmer. Of Hastings. NZ 416532. RNZAF. 254 Squadron RAF. 16 Group. Lost without trace . 5th. Nov. 1943 Age 27. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Flt Sgt A. B. Parton Of Napier NZ 416150. Died 29th. June 1943
  Plt Off W. J. Parton Of Hastings. NZ 41932. Died 12th.March 1942
  Sgt. R.R. Passmore (Napier) NZ 40206 RNZAF 95 Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over Germany 13 Aug. 1941. Age 22. Buried at Becklingen , Germany.
  Sub-Lt (A) G. D. Paterson. Of Napier. NZ Died 30th. June 1944
  Sgt. W.J. Paterson. (Takapau) NZ 404936 RNZAF. 57 Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over Germany 2 April 1942 Age 22. Buried at Durnbach
  Leading Airman B.A.Patterson Of Woodville. NZ 2825 Died 13th. May 1942
  Plt. Off E.E. Pederson. (Hastings) NZ 403984 RNZAF 67 Sqn RAF 293 wing 221 group. Killed India 18 March 1943. Age27. Buried at Calcutta.
  Sub-Lt (A) R. G. Peers. Of Waipawa Died 15th. December 1944
  Flt Sgt T. B. Pepper. Of Waipawa NZ 405318 Died 12th. August 1942
  Flt.Sgt. D. R. Pepper. Of Havelock North. NZ 425591. RNZAF. 622 Squadron RAF. 3 Group. Killed over France 25th. July 1944. Age 22. Buried in Essey-le`s- Nancy . France
Sgt. E. J. Peters. Of Dannevirke. NZ.401519. RNZAF. 11 OTU. RAF. 6 Group. Killed 23rd. Dec. 1940. Age 20. Buried in the Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth Cemetery. UK
  Fg Off N. C. Pettit Of Wairoa. 36273. Died 28th.August 1941
  Flt Sgt C. A. Philpott. Of Napier. NZ 432070. Died 22nd. August 1944
  Flt Sgt S. L. Pointon Of Napier NZ 41936. Died 16th. June 1943
  Flt Lt D. M. Poynter. Of Dannevirke. NZ 39933 Died 24th. December 1941
  Fg Off I. D. Prebble. Of Hastings. NZ 41186 Died 28th. April 1943
O/S R. M. Puflett. Of Hastings
  Plt Off N. B. Quigley Of Hastings. NZ 436693. Died 21st March 1945
  Sqn Ldr C. Raymond. Of Waipawa. 43710 Died 23rd. September 1942
Fg. Off. C. H. G. Redwood. Of Woodville. NZ 414679. RNZAF 7 Squadron RAF. 8 PFF Group .Killed over Belgium 22nd. June 1943. Age 31. Interred at Heverlee
  Sub-Lt (A) J. H. Reeves Of Napier. Died 1st May 1943
  LAC C. A. Rickey Of Waipukurau. NZ 42458 Died 24th. October 1942
Sgt. B. Rosenberg. Of Havelock North. NZ 434680 . RNZAF. 1 Squadron RNZAF. Lost without trace Sth Pacific5th.Oct.1944. Age 20. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial
  Plt Off K. A. Ross. Of Hastings. NZ 431296. Died 20th. August 1944
  Sgt N. Rowlands. Of Waipukurau. NZ 4216710. Died 15th. September 1944
Fg. Off. A. G. Russell. Of Hastings. NZ 424524. RNZAF. 57 Squadron RAF 5 Group Lost without trace 27th. Aug. 1944. Age 28. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Plt Off C. G. Russell Of Napier NZ 41527 Died 22nd. July 1942
Fg. Off. P. Sainsbury. Of Wairoa.. NZ 414389. RNZAF. 18 RAF Squadron. Killed on active service 30 th. Jan. 1943. Age 29. Buried at Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery
  Flt Lt R. W. Sampson. Of Dannevirke. NZ 401465. Died 18th. February 1944
  Sgt H. W. Sampson Of Waipukurau. NZ 412593 Died July 1942
Flt. Rigger T.G.Savage. of Taradale. NZ 4214902. RNZAF. 2 Squadron .RNZAF. Killed Sth. Pacific 17 Jan . 1944. Age 22. Commemorated on the Bourail Memorial
  LAC F. L. Schdroski. Of Hastings NZ 414144 Died 12th September 1944
  Sgt S. H. Schofield. NZ 404950 Died 28th. July 1942 more...
  Sgt B. F. Scott Of Napier. NZ 421103. Died 12th. February 1942
  Flt Sgt R. A. Scragg Of Napier. NZ 401403. Died 9th.March 1942
  Flt Lt J. M. Shearer. Of Napier NZ 415721 Died 7th. May 1944
  Plt Off R.S. Shield Of Napier NZ 404954. Died 5th.January 1942
  Plt Off P. K. Sigley. Of Napier. 36276. Died 24th. May 1940
L/A. A. L. Skinner. Of Dannevirke. NZ 412378. RNZAF. Aircraft accident. 4th. September 1941. Age
26. Buried at Woodville old Cemetery
Sgt. C. E. L. Small. Of Hastings. NZ 404621. RNZAF. 203 Squadron RAF 201 Group. Lost without
trace 14 Dec. 1942. Age 28. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial
  Fg Off A.R.T. Smith Of Hastings. NZ 4214135 Died 21st April 1945
  Flt Sgt I. H. R. Smith Of Napier. NZ 421614 Died 1st September 1943
Sgt. J. A. Smith. Of Dannevirke. NZ 413496 RNZAF. 2 AFU RAF 23 Group. Killed in aircraft accident
11 June 1942. Age 19. Buried at Black Bourton. UK
  Flt Sgt S. B. Smith. Of Napier NZ 34167. Died 30th.September 1940
  Plt Off J. L. Speedy Of Wairoa. NZ 411950 Died 17th. September 1942
  Sgt L. C. Steed. Of Waipawa 580337 Died 8th. August 1939
  Flt Sgt H. B. Stevens Of Hastings. NZ 41957 Died 29th. June 1942
  Flt Sgt A. T. Stone Of Hastings. NZ 425298 Died 21st. July 1944
Fg. Sgt. G. R. Stratford. Of Waipukurau. NZ 4314271. RNZAF 1 Squadron RNZAF.Killed in Sth
Pacific 10 June 1945 . Age 21. Interred at Bourail. New Caledonia
F/O G. A. M. Struthers. DFC. Of Haumoana. NZ 421789. RNZAF. 180 Squadron RAF 139 Wing 2
Group. Killed on active service. Age27. Buried at Brookwood. Surrey UK
  Sgt W.H. Swain Of Napier NZ 40665 Died 22nd. April 1941
Flt.Lt. R. J. Taaffe DFM. Of Hastings. NZ 41502. RNZAF 37 Squadron 205 Group. Killed 25th. Nov.
1943. Age 24. Buried in Milan War Cemetery, Italy.
Fg. Off. S. E. Tanner. Of Havelock Nth. NZ 416202. RNZAF. 22 Squadron RNZAF. Killed in air
accident 3 Feb. 1943 Age 26. Buried at Havelock Nth
  Sgt G. A. Taylor Of Hastings NZ 413283. Died 11th. April 1943
Flt. Lt. J. W. Taylor. Of Takapau. NZ. 421944 RNZAF 487 Squadron RNZAF 140 Wing, 2 Group. Killed over Germany 19th. Nov. 1944. Age 28. Buried at Rheinberg
  Plt. Off. E.C. Temperton (Napier) NZ 4214136 RNZAF 15 Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over Germany. 4
Feb. 1945. Age 22. Buried at Rheinberg.
  Plt Off C. H. Thompson. Of Dannevirke. NZ 415725. Died 15th. September 1942
Flt Sgt. I. M. Thorburn. Of Hastings. NZ 432864 RNZAF. 14 Squadron RNZAF. Killed during strafing run 24th. December 1944. Age 22. Commemorated on the Bourail Mem
Flt. Sgt. F. W. Thorstensen. Of Dannevirke. NZ 414529 RNZAF. RAF Killed over Germany 1943. Age
26. Buried in Berlin
Flt. Sgt. T. T. Tomoana. Of Hastings. NZ 41615. RNZAF. 149 Squadron RAF 3 Group. Lost without
trace June 1943. Age 29. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
Sgt. D. N. Tonkin. Of Hastings. NZ 413285 RNZAF. 75 (NZ) Squadron RAF 3 Group. Killed over
France 25 th. Oct. 1942Age 22. Buried at Valenciennes
Flt. Sgt N. G. Treacher. Of Hastings
  Sgt. B.W. Tully. (Hastings) NZ 416558. RNZAF 9. OTU RAF 17 group. Killed over UK. 9 March.
1943. Age 23. Buried at Carlisle. UK
  Plt Off W. E. B. Turner. Of Woodville. NZ 414360 Died 15th.December 1943
  Flt Sgt R. W. Urwin Of Dannevirke NZ 405346 Died 29th. October 1942
Plt Off P. K. Vartan. Of Dannevirke. 41632 RAF. 220 Squadron RAF 18 Group. Killed on Active
service 14th. July 1940 Age 22. Buried at Hylton , near Sunderland. UK
  Flt Lt R. J. Vaughan Of Wairoa. 41499 Died 5th. December 1941
  Plt Off T. H. Vautier. Of Napier NZ 4213642. Died 5th. October 1944
  Flt Sgt B. J. Vesty Of Tikokino NZ 414532 Died 17th. January 1944
Wt Off N. N. Vickers. Of Napier. NZ 413232 RNZAF. 17 Squadron RNZAF. Shot down, died 24 July
1944. Age 24. Buried at Bourail. New Caledonia
  Plt Off M. Von Dadelszen Of Hastings. NZ 403615 Died 15th January 1942
  Plt Off T. Waerea Of Nuhaka. NZ 421300 Died 28th. September 1943
Flt.Sgt. N. N. Wakely. Of Napier. NZ 417132 RNZAF. 196 Squadron RAF 3 Group. Killed over France 17 September 1943. Age 20. Buried at Lisieux
PSgt. B. A. Walker of Napier. NZ 40782 RNZAF. 38 Squadron RAF 202 Group..Killed 5 May 1941. Age 21. Buried at El Alameinlt
  Off C. K. Waldrom. Of Dannevirke. NZ 42344 Died 14th. January 1944
  Wt Off B. Ward. Of Napier NZ 403484 Died 5th. July 1944
  Sgt. L. J. Warren (Waipukurau) NZ 41632 RNZAF 149 Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over UK 11 Oct.
1942. Age 24. Buried at Watton . UK
  Sgt H. R. Welch Of Napier NZ 41709. Died 16th. December 1942
Sgt. A. E. West. Of Woodville
  Flt Sgt V. K. Westerman Of Hastings NZ 41970 Died 29th. July 1942
  Fg Off F. L. M. Whibley Of Dannevirke. NZ 413527. Died 12th. March 1943
  Plt Off R. W. K. White. Of Omarunui. 65512 RAFVR 73 Squadron RAF 204 Group. Lost without
trace 7th. July 1941.Age 26. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial
  Plt Off A. G. Whitehead Of Hastings 41764 Died 12th. September 1939
  Flt. Sgt. E.R. Whittington. (Hastings) NZ 416030 RNZAF. 75(NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over
Germany 23 Nov. 1943. Age 22. Buried at Rheinberg. Germany.
  Sqn Ldr W.M.C. Williams Of Napier NZ 1057 Died 15th. July 1943
  Sub-Lt (A) M.W. Williams Of Napier Died 28th. May 1944
Plt Off H. O. Willis. Of Hastings
Plt Off H. R. Willis. Of Napier. NZ 429932. RNZAF. 11 OTU RAF 92 Group. Lost without trace North Sea 4th. January 1944. Age 20 Commemorated on the Runnymede Mem.
  LAC. L. G. Wilson. (Napier) NZ 414712 RNZAF. 4 Service Training School. RCAF Killed 11 Feb.
1942. Age 26. Buried at Saskatoon.
Flt Lt P.J. Wilson. Of Dannevirke. NZ 402475. RNZAF 75 RAF Squadron. Killed on active service
29th. July 1942 Age 22. Interred at Becklingen War Cemetery
  Sub Lt. R. S. Wilson. (Napier) RNZNVR. 891 Sqn. FAA. HMS Gannet. Killedover UK 2 Aug. 1945.
Age 20. Buried at Eglinton. UK.
  Plt Off R.Wood Of Morere. NZ 417140 Died 22nd .June 1944
  Flt Lt P.R.Wood. Of Hastings. NZ 401798. Died 17th.January 1944
  Sgt R.D.J. Woodcock Of Napier. NZ 404985 Died 12th.March 1942
  Sgt. C.C. Wrightson (Hastings) NZ 411998. RNZAF. 75(NZ) Sqn. RAF 3 group. Killed over North
Sea. 23April 1942. Age 22. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  Fg Off E.W. Young Of Napier. NZ 421134 Died 13th. August 1944
  Woman Auxiliary 1st. Class. M.F. Young Of Hastings W 5118 Died 19th. Dec. 1943
Flt. Sgt. W. W. Young. Of Napier. NZ 432267. RNZAF 8 Squadron RNZAF Killed on active service
4th. December 1944 Age 27. Interred at Bourail, New Caledonia