We have two ex-RAAF members in our group.
Both came to NZ after WW2, and found Hawkes Bay not a bad place to live.
Both slip back to 'Oz' now and again to catch up with family and old friends,
and sometimes attend the Anzac Day parades there.
They both served in the New Guinea and Borneo area, but in different squadrons.
If there are any other ex-RAAF air or ground crew folk who have
settled in Hawkes Bay, or you know of any ex-RAAF people
in the Bay, please
Contact Us
Flight Lieutenant
PAUL MAXWELL McEWAN RAAF 41855 No.82 Squadron
A cadet for 12 months with the No.6 Battalion Army Militia, Melbourne,
before signing up with the RAAF on 16th.Sept.1941. Inducted 25th. April 1942.

Basic No.1 Initial Training School (ITS) Somers RAAF Station (VIC).

RAAF Station Western Junction, Tasmania, training on DH82s.
His C/O was an ex-WW1 pilot who ran a great station for new trainee pilots.

RAAF Deniliquin (NSW) - soloed on Wirraways
and received his wings.
To RAAF Uranquinty (NSW) - known to many as the Bar 20.
Staff instructor on Wirraways, then posted to Otu Mildura (VIC)
Pilot Training School, converting to Kittyhawks.

P40 Kittyhawk
Posted with No.82 Squadron Townsville (North Queensland)
and up to Dutch West, New Guinea Aug.44. Noenfoor Island,
on to Morotai Island and, as the war moved further north,
to Labuan Island, the north-western side of Borneo.
Finally, on to mainland Borneo, Serah oil fields, where the enemy had fired
all the oil installations and wells. Rumour has it that an old Wirraway was
'wound up' to blow the fires one way to assist with the repairs.

The was over for 'Max' August 1945 - back to Australia.
He was demobilised 14th.Jan.1946, after completing 967 RAAF hours and 50 missions.

(Max will appear again in our topdressing pages)

Flight Officer
Signed up RAAF Brisbane May 1941.
Initial Training School, Sandgate, Brisbane.
Elementary Flying School, Tamworth Airforce Station NSW, training on DH82s,
then on to Amberly Airforce Base, Queensland, on Avro Ansons.
Evans Head Station on Fairey Battles.
Mildura RAAF Base (Vic) - instructed on Wirraways and P40 Kittyhawks.
Avro 626 Anson   Fairey Battle
Townsville, (North Queensland), was a 'pooling' base for pilots to be selected onwards to various squadrons.
Charles was transferred to No.75 Fighter Squadron. They moved up to New Guinea,
where much of the war zone was covered in dense jungle, with difficult flying conditions.
The operations involved bombing, straffing and bomber escort duties.
Charles was with the 75th.Sqdrn. from 1943 to 1944.
On return to Australia in 1944, he was instructor on Wirraways at Point Cook (Vic),
the first aiforce base in Australia.
Then, on to Parks RAAF Station (NSW), also instructing on Wirraways.
In June 1945, he signed up as a Sub/Lt with the
RANVR Fleet Air Arm (A).
This was the first course of Australians to transfer
to the Royal Fleet Arm fro training.

HMS Indomitable
The Australian pilots being on secondment to
the 899UK Squadron, (then operating out of the naval base
HMS Nabthorpe, nr. Sydney, flying Seafires with
operating out of Australian waters at that time.
During the training on these two ships, Charles and his 'ship-mate' pilots had some
"hairy experiences"....
Charles doing a deck-landing on HMS Indomitable.
Fortunately, he managed to get clear before his Seafire headed for the seabed.
One of his mates having a 'nose-down tail-up' problem.
Charles was discharged from the services in May 1948, with 1,365 hours in his logbooks.
We have included all the RAAF bases and stations both 'Max' and Charles have served on.
If other ex-RAAF personnel wish to contact them, please
contact our Editor.
  'Blue' Bailey Visit  
In August 2003, we had a little 'get-together' at the Taradale RSA, (Napier, Hawke's Bay),
to welcome a visitor from Perth, WA. John (Blue) Bailey and his wife, Meg.
John was a member of the Australian 75 Squadron, serving in the South West Pacific area WW2...
and a friend of Charles Bowley, who served in the same sector.
We took a few photos
of the occasion,
with some of our members
for John and Meg to show
the family at home....
  John and Meg. Some of the folk who arrived on short notice
to welcome our visitors.
"Topping Up"      
Hec Mayhead, Dick Brunton
and Max Collett.
Roger Crow, Ron Ward,
Hec Mayhead, Keith Smith,
Jim Castles, Keith Swailes.
Max McEwan & Roger Crow.
Our Aerial Topdressing
Keith Allington and
Cyril Whitaker.

Since we're covering links with our Anzac mates in Australia,
and especially after the visit from John and Meg,
we would like to mention their Air Force museum,
out at Bull Creek. If you're into Lancs,
Spits or early historic aircraft, it's well worth a visit.

Website at www.raafawa.org.au