WW11 Memorial - Images

Lest We Forget


 There is more information about these men and those we don't have images for on the Memorial Roll pages below.

Andrew R.T.

Annan W. D. F.

Armstrong C. E.

Attwood D. A.

Baker C.R.

Ballantyne H.G.

Bishop L.E.G.

Blaikie I.A.

Boland T.L.

Bowling C.B.

Boyd R.G.

Bradford E. A. J.

Broadbent S.

Brown J.

Bryant R.J.

Campbell R.D.J.

Carr G.P.

Christensen A.G.

McD. Cheyne I.

Clancey J.P.

Coates D.D.

Collett H.W.

Cotterill D.K.

Court J.R.

Covic R.A.

Cowan J.

Crabtree R.H.

Craig F.H.

Crarer T.E.

Crozier A.W.

Culling-Mannix F.T.

Cunningham G.M.

Davidson N.D.

Denholm T.W.J.

Dickson D.J.

Durie T.K.

Ewing L.J.E.

Falconer C.J.

Forsyth A.D.V.

Franklin F.J.

Franklin K.G.

Fraser M.J.

Frostick G.M.

Galbraith P.R.

Gannaway E.F.

Gardiner N.A.

Godfrey V.A.

Graham J.A.

Gumbley B.A.

Hall W.C.

Hall B.E.

Hallett R.E.

Hansen W.J.

Harding B.C.

Harris-Thompson C.

Heath J.H.

Heays I.R.

Herrick B.H.

Herrick G.M.

Herrick M.J.

Hildreth F.F.

Hindrup F.G.

Hoadley H.M.

Holmes K.R.

Hull A.J.

Hunt F.S.

Jenkinson C.L.

Johnson R.A.

Kell W.R.

Laws P.R.

Logan J.T.

Long T.J.A.

Marshall E.W.E.

Masters R.S.

Matheson A.A.

Mathieson I.E.

McCallum E.D.

McCarthy G.G.M.

McCarthy R.G.

McCormack T.F.

McKenzie F.M.

Meldrum H.W.

T.O.Metcalfe T.O.

Miller H.A.G.

Mosen H.O.

Mulholland W.M.

Mullinder T.L.W.

Murphy T.R.

Nordbye C.T.

Nuttall S.A.

Oliver J.M.

O’Malley M.J.

Palmer W.G.

Peters E.J.

Puflett R.M.

Redwood C.H.G.

Redwood C.H.G.

Rosenberg B.

Russell A.G.

Sainsbury P.

Savage T.G.

Schofield S.H.

Skinner A.L.

Small C.E.L.

Smith J.A.

Stratford G.R.

Struthers G.A.M.

Taaffe R.J.

Tanner S.E.

Taylor J.W.

Thorburn I.M.

Thorstensen F.W.

Tomoana T.T.

Tonkin D.N.

Treacher N.G.

Vartan P.K.

Vickers N.N.

Wakely N.N.

Walker B.A.

West A.E.

Willis H.O.

Willis H.R.

Wilson P.J.

Young W.W.